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Steve Schlosnagle
13 August 1965
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What about me? You got a problem wit me?!

Ah, a bio, great I dislike labels but here they come.

I am a married-atheist-liberal-father-geek.

I love my wife, my family and my life.

Married: I am married to frogmistress since 1996-01-13. This has been a great ride, lots of growing and changing. Friction, some bad, but mostly the good kind!

Atheist: I don't see much evidence or need for some fanciful Creator of the Universe. To me it is much MORE magical and wondrous to think that we and the world have come about in ways that CAN be explained and understood through science. Saying that some 'magic dude' waved his hand and the world was created from a puff of smoke sounds like bad writing.

Liberal: Hmm, how to say this. I think people are more important than money. Your money, my money, everyone's money. Why the hell does anyone need a $50,000.00 dollar car? Raise our taxes 5% and take care of the schools, the roads & the poor. "No, can't do that, then I would only be able to afford a $47,500.00 car! How would I live?" Please, we need to work on our priorities here...

Father: Step-Father to Deidre Parker, I haven't really done a great job in this area, but at least I'm still trying & learning & un-learning. Father to Talon Schlosnagle-Richards, Well at least I had some practice first. It is very weird to have little people that depend on you so much. And even weirder to realize and adapt to the fact that they 'need' you a little bit less everyday, but that they still need your love, perhaps more and more, everyday.

Geek: Full blown growing up geek: the bad hair and mother-picked-out clothes. Now that I am grown up, I can't blame anyone but me. I love computers, RPG's, anime, sci-fi, puns, British comedy & physics jokes. In short: Geek.

What I'm doing with my life:
I'm a sysadmin for a Manufacturer of automobile components. (Yes, there are a few companies that still make things here in the US). We make seals for wiring harnesses. FEEL the excitement in the air!

-My Favorites-
Books: Hard Sci-fi (Heinlein, Bear, Niven, Williams)

Movies: Contact, Gandhi, Secretary, Nausicaa

Music: Fiona Apple, NiN, A Perfect Circle, Tori Amos, Steely Dan
(although this category changes A LOT...)

Food: Thai, Mexican, Filet Mignon, Cajun, Pasta

Bike: 2004 Honda VFR800 Interceptor ABS (Asphalt Black)

World of Warcraft Characters: Wurren & Frogmaster

Locations: Work(41°17'49.80"N, 81°27'50.87"W) Home(41°9'39.24"N, 81°26'37.37"W)

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